Below are the projects we are working on in various stages of development. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these projects or would like to talk about how you can become an equity partner in one of our projects, please email us or call 605-223-1452.



Untitled Horror

Ok, so it’s not completely untitled, we’re just working with the law men (and ladies) to get the name registered before we announce it to the world. This Horror film focuses on a young girl, Lisa, who has given up the life she could have lived, and the life her friends have lived to take care of her ailing father. Each year 5 of them get together, catch up, and talk about life love and their pursuit of happiness. This year, Lisa and her friends decide to go to a Halloween Haunted House, only to find that the house isn’t all a show. Soon they must find their way out of the maze of gruesome rooms while innocent ticket holders watch from afar.

Science Fiction web series

This one really is untitled. We’re developing the story and the writers are hard at work putting together the pieces of the puzzle to keep the audience really guessing what is going on with this futuristic action drama. We can tell you this much. The story centers around two unlikely companions, an Android (half human, half machine) and a man who wakes to find himself in the far future. These two companions jump through time trying to find the answers that will get them home or make them whole again.

Short films (3)

1. Zombie short – After a night of hanging with the guys, Paul and his friends head home, only to find an odd sight in the alley around the corner. It seems to be a zombie. Thinking it’s a funny joke, they capture the scene on their cell phones, soon realizing that this is just the beginning of the chaos.

2. Trapped – A young woman goes home with a man from a bar. After a night she barely remembers, she wakes up to find herself handcuffed in his basement. She must take his abuse until she can find a way out.


We LOVE sketch comedy and are always working on something new. While these sketches don’t usually need investors, we could always use more good people to work with. If you’re interested in getting involved with one of our comedy sketches, shoot us an email.

That’s what we’ve got in the pipeline right now.
Do you have a project you’d like to see in this list? Give us a call, let’s talk about it.


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